Each massage session will be as unique as each client, incorporating different techniques and levels of pressure a treatment will be customized to your specific needs. A brief consultation will be done at the beginning of your appointment and at that point we will tailor the treatment according to your needs and massage preferences.

30 Minute Massage $55.00

45 Minute Massage $70.00

60 Minute Massage $90.00

75 Minute Massage $100.00

90 Minute Massage $130.00

120 Minute Massage $150.00


This treatment is calming and nourishing. Our Hot Stone Massage begins with heated, smooth basalt stones placed both beneath and on top of the body. While the heat from those stones penetrate your muscles and relieve tension, additional heated stones are used for a full-body massage.

90 Minute Sacred Hot-stone Massage $160.00

120 Minute Sacred Hot-stone Massage $180.00


In your one-on-one yoga therapy session, you will be guided through movement that compliments your physiotherapy or massage therapy. You will learn how to change poor breathing patterns, calm your nervous system, as well as yoga based exercises that are targeted to your particular challenges and restrictions.

60 Minute Private Yoga Session $60.00

At this time True North Massage will NOT BE ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!

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