About Jennifer

Born and raised in Fernie, BC I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle that came with growing up on a farm, in the outskirts of a small mountain town. Body awareness and health care have always been important components in my life. At a very young age I watched my mother sustain a very critical back injury, leaving her unable to walk some days and in excruciating pain. This left us as a family feeling so helpless, seeing someone we cared for in such agony. This experience made me want to do whatever I could to help others get through similar situations and ultimately led to my career in massage therapy. Massage allows me to help others manage pain, recover from injuries, and achieve overall wellness by incorporating self-care into their lives.

My career in massage started right after graduating high school in 2002. I have worked in a variety of settings including spas, heli-ski/cat-ski operations, and also ran my own clinic for almost 9 years. After taking a 3 year sabbatical to travel around the world and work/volunteer in other countries, I have settled in the beautiful Northwest, calling Terrace, B.C. my new home. Being a member of an active community like Terrace, it is important to take care of our bodies, so we can enjoy all that Terrace has to offer. I am a huge advocate for patients to be actively involved in their own rehabilitation and health care and believe that soft tissue is more than a physical element but as a deeply complex neurologically part of who you are. I use this knowledge to work with you not on you to create change that actually works. By utilizing individualized home care and patient education, I strive to help patients achieve and maintain a pain-free lifestyle.

I bring with me 18 years of experience in the massage industry, having graduated with a 2200hr diploma in Massage Therapy from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary, AB. I still remain passionate about my career choice and continue each year to develop my skills and deepen my knowledge.

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